Resume and Publications

Resume: Updated 05/16/2022


Publications & Preprints:
  • Colunga AL*, Kim KG*, Woodall NP*, Dardas TF, Gennari JH, Olufsen MS, Carlson BE. Deep phenotyping of cardiac function in heart transplant patients using cardiovascular systems models, J Physiology, org/10.1113/JP279393, p. 1-20, 2020.
  • Colebank MJ*, Colunga AL*, Schell C, Olufsen MS. Parameter inference in a computational model of hemodynamics in pulmonary hypertension.  (In Progress) (*contributed equally)
  • Colunga AL, Olufsen MS. Modeling ventricular interaction in healthy and pulmonary hypertension: A model comparison review.  (In Progress)